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The Listener Lounge: December 2023


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New Music: Picks of the Week 🎵


Prepare to expand your horizons by delving into a diverse genres and styles as new songs and albums are shared by @AdamPandora each week.


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Question of the Week 💡


Check out our community question posts where you can share and discuss your favorites.







This or That ☃️


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We'd love to get to know you more. Share your favorites with your community friends in these threads:




New Blog Posts ✍️


Check out our latest Creators Blog post  written by our very own @EricPandora!


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"Long before the inception of Pandora, I can vividly recall the very first thumbs down that I gave to a song. This was during the Holiday season of the then-new decade. But it also happened to be my first-time butting heads with one of my parents on musical taste." 

Do you have any early memories of Holiday Music? Share your thoughts in the post here: Holiday Music on Pandora


🆕 Mood Modes on Pandora


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Choose between “Energy Boost” or “Relax” mode to experience your favorite stations in a whole new way. Read more here to set the mood with Pandora Mood Modes. 




Music for the Holidays ❄️




Who says going home for the holidays has to be stressful? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with Holiday Travel. 🎄

Press play to listen 🎶

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Christmas Choral Classics showcases the world's most beloved choral arrangements performing a peaceful array of Christmas classics.
Press play to listen 🎶
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Check out other festive tunes here:


Warmest wishes for a happy and safe holiday season! And as always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. If you have any ideas or thoughts, please don't hesitate to share them with us. In the meantime, happy listening! 🎶

- The Pandora Community Team :pandora: