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1 habit you want to rid, 1 habit you want to keep?


What's one habit you want to get rid of and one habit you want to keep? does not have to be all bad....does not have to be all bad....


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I would have to say....

1- forgetting the names of new people I meet, get rid of

2- Eating sugary things...but of course exercising afterwards..maybe


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Community Manager

I love this, @Eleis! Thanks for getting this started! 👍

  • 1 habit I want to break: Keeping my phone next to my bed
  • 1 habit I'd like to keep: Eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast daily.
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  1. A habit I want to rid is procrastination, as it often leads to unnecessary stress and missed opportunities.
  2. Conversely, a habit I want to keep is daily exercise, as it promotes physical and mental well-being, enhancing productivity and overall quality of life.
  3. Breaking the habit of excessive screen time is essential for maintaining focus and preserving eye health in the digital age.
  4. On the other hand nyt, prioritizing regular breaks and mindfulness practices amidst a busy schedule is a habit worth preserving for maintaining balance and mental clarity.
  5. Eliminating the habit of negative self-talk and self-doubt can foster confidence and resilience, enabling personal growth and achievement.
  6. Meanwhile, cultivating the habit of self-reflection and gratitude contributes to a positive mindset and emotional resilience, enhancing overall happiness and fulfillment.
  7. Letting go of the habit of multitasking can improve efficiency and effectiveness in tasks, allowing for deeper focus and better results.
  8. Conversely, maintaining the habit of prioritizing tasks and setting realistic goals fosters productivity and progress, ensuring meaningful accomplishments.
  9. Ridding oneself of the habit of excessive sugar consumption supports better health and energy levels, reducing the risk of chronic diseases.
  10. Meanwhile, preserving the habit of mindful eating and balanced nutrition promotes overall well-being and vitality, sustaining long-term health benefits.
  11. Breaking the habit of constant comparison to others fosters self-acceptance and authenticity, leading to greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life.
  12. Cultivating the habit of continuous learning and personal growth, whether through reading, courses, or experiences, enriches life and expands horizons, keeping the mind sharp and curious.

@Eleis Well, this is one way to get to know someone...

1) Habit I like to keep...Reading the Bible every day...

2) The habit I need to break playing 3d games... is something I have noticed that I am becoming habitual in doing...And any other distraction that keeps me from my future plans...

I have been cell phone-free for 16 years this September, I used to have an addiction to playing video games (Nintendo, PlayStation)...Now I'm starting that same trend by playing 3d games on PC...So it looks like I need to bury it just as I did the others...