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Every day i woke up I feel a little bit nervous
Sometimes my heart shake like plum of drums I can't even control it
Fighting with my anxiety its like my life is about to be over, I'm trying not to lose control again
Sometimes I think it's gonna come but I'm always right
It's like I don't know who I am I just go blank and blind
I pray every day for it not to come
I even hold my breath to see if I'm really alive
Because sometimes I feel like I'm not
Like mind is out of space
But I think I stay there for too long
Saying out loud that I need to get out of here
I don't really have someone to hold my hand I'm afraid to ask
I don't think there's anything I can do for all of this to go away
Here go again I did it again
All remember I don't want to feel it again
I don't know if you get it because I can't even express myself
Cause it hurt, it burn and it's hard
I can still feel like I'm spinning around and around in space pressing on my chest
To stay alive like everybody else
I tried every day not to hold my breath but when I did I was never the same
I really don't want to lose control anymore because the world expect me to
People expect for me to be patient and take a deep breath in and out
But it never work but the monster still came back harder
At night I always think I'm going to be ok the next morning but I'm always wrong

By: Reldeo


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Opening Act

I share this with you guys because this is how I feel every day so I hope I can find someone to relate so I know I'm not alone. I hope y'all like my poem😍😍🙂🙏👍

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@Reldeo Thank you for sharing with us.

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I felt this in my bones it's so nice to know I'm not alone . Like I feel I am all the time anymore . Thank you so much , ur awesome. 


Thanks for sharing! You are not alone in these feelings, this is a problem for many of us. I also often deal with anxiety and stress, especially because of the difficulties in my studies. This is going to sound funny, but for an essay on stress, I found some great resources and examples here.which helped me a lot. It is important to move forward with any problems, and in case you need help, do not hesitate to look for it in different sources.


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You're stronger than you realize, and there is hope for a better tomorrow. 🌟💙

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I'm really sorry to hear that you're going through such a tough time. Dealing with anxiety can be incredibly challenging, and it's clear that you're fighting a tough battle. Remember, you're not alone in this. Many people face similar struggles, and there is help available. If you ever want to explore ways to cope with anxiety or understand more about it. It's important to reach out and talk to someone who can provide support, and I hope you find the help you need.


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Hey @Reldeo, thank you for sharing your heartfelt poem. Your words capture the struggle with anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed. You're not alone in these feelings, and many people can relate to what you're going through.