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Bassist Samille Johnson Releases Another Really Smooth Track. "Europa" (Swing Jazzy Mix)


I spoke to Samille about this arrangement of "Europa" (Swing Jazzy Mix) and asked him why he decided to take this approach of "Swing" instead of the slower version covered by other artist. 

He gave me the Artist / Paint Brush Analogy in which the artist takes his brush and just strokes not copying anyone just letting the canvas take it all in.  (He Laughed)

Sam did say he used One Drum Sequencer, One Synth, and his Piccolo Bass and it was over after a few runs. 

Additionally he stated that he did not want to take any wild solos, just play the song his way but simple.

Pretty interesting arrangement for Easy Listening, Smooth Jazz and other genres and sounds great turned down low or turned up loud.

Sam gives credit to his Mastering Engineer "Anthony Cassucio" in New York whom simply just knows instinctively how to MASTER his electronic music.

Interesting arrangement with Upright Bass, Keys, Piccolo Bass, and a very unexpected Kalimba at the end very simple Kalimba that reminded me of Maurice White.

Check it out, it may take a couple of turns but it will grow on you the more you listen to it.


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Up & Coming Artist

I added his station to my collection, since I am a fan of Jazz. Thanks for the link. 😊


So very briefly we asked Samille Johnson did he have links to his material and guess what he said?

I am not sure if I had any intentions of selling those tracks but the publishers may not like it if I didn't try so here is a couple of links.  Believe it or not Sam say's he still has a Piggy Bank and that's where anything that comes his way goes. 😁

Finally Sam says he drives an old 19 year old vehicle, plays the same old Bass Guitar from years ago and still wears jeans from at at-least 15 years ago. (Again he fell out laughing)  I'm just a simple kind of guy that has learned the meaning of humility the HARD WAY.

He said to tell all of the reviewers and music community Thank You and that he loved them all.


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