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Britney Spears (Sometimes) vs Christina Aguilera (Genie In A Bottle)

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Not here to ask which artist is better, but which song do you prefer by lyrics, instrument, meaning, depth, etc, and why?

I would say Brittani Spears Sometimes, because of the innocency in the lyrics and I could relate to it more when it comes to a relationship.

As where Genie In A Bottle is a little more naughtiesh (lol) and isnt something I can play everywhere I go. But she does say some meaningful things here and there in the song. But both are great songs. 

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@Cptheg3 Thanks for these posts. It's good to see more people getting involved in the community.

I'm going to go with "Genie in a Bottle". I really don't remember "Sometimes". I'll have to refresh my memory by listening to it tonight.

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Thanks Uncle Bud. Yes listen to it whenever you can and feel free to reply back if your mind has changed. 

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I will. I'll be home I about an hour then I'll check it out.

@Cptheg3 I have never been a Brittney Spears fan, but I have been a Christina Aguilera fan. I have six of her songs in my multiple Playlists and 0 for Brittney Spears.

Now having said all of that, after listening to both songs, I liked Spears song better than I did Genie in a bottle. For one her lyrics were heart felt and filled with pure love, and wanting to love.

Christina's song was more like a one night stand, way too many songs that are about that. If I have to impress you by being someone other than myself, well honey you just ain't worth it, no matter if you do have the bod that turns heads. Genie In a Bottle is a great song, but for me or anyone for that matter, if being me is not good enough for you, then sweetie it is you that is missing out, that is my interpretation of her song.

 I also liked the flow of Spears song as a whole as well, Christina's song has a great up-beat tempo which I also really liked, but for Brittney's lyrical tone it was perfect with the slower tempo. 

Great job @Cptheg3 I'm really liking your post. You take care and stay safe.


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@Cptheg3 I just listened to "Sometimes". Once I started listening to it I did remember it. But I'm still going with my original answer of "Genie in a Bottle" as my favorite of the 2. I did like "Sometimes" though.

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Community Manager

@Cptheg3 Just finished listening to both songs (I haven't heard them in awhile).

I like the beat and cadence of Genie in a Bottle better. It's a more catchy song. I think this is the better song. I do like Britney Spears, I grew up listening to both artists. I agree Britney's song a bit more innocent lyrically in this comparison. 🎶

Also, both songs look like they were released in 1999. 

What is the next comparison? 😄

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I made a new one Alyssa.

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i choose genie in a bottle