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Comedy for Kids


Who knows some good comedians for kids?

Please reply!

Some good ones I know about that your children might like include Brian Regan, Nate Bargetze, And Jim Gaffigan.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @The_Pineapple. 👋

While I don't have many recommendations for comedians specifically, I do know of some family friendly comedy that you may be interested in checking out. I'll share them below.


PG Comedy Radio

PG Comedy will have the whole family laughing with its collection of hilarious, clean jokes. Perfect for that next long road trip or big day of housecleaning!

Description: Each week will bring hilarious jokes, funny stories, and wacky characters that will have kids in stitches. Our kid-friendly podcast is suitable for children of all ages, and we make sure that every joke is clean and appropriate. So, tune in and get ready to laugh your way through the week! This show is produced by The Good Podcast Co.
Hope this helps! 🎧
Alyssa | Community Manager
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