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Corpus Christi rail system

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I believe in Corpus Christi Texas. to come up with a rail system. For commute from rock port aransas aransas pass Ingle-side Mustang Island and back towards our major freeway to get to hospitals malls and other important As well from rock port towards Sinton Odem Portland and Our 5 Points area. Instead of continuing on with city Pothole repairs.  As a Born resident of Corpus Christi just recently saw my Ex wife buy a New Buick Encore the whole front came off cause of a pot hole then she accepts that 2 days later her daughter get a flat cause of a pot hole. Then my ex wife while enroot towards her daughter to render aid. Goes through city ordinance traffic And gets her tire as well a flat. 

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@KnightOwl361 pot holes are no joke that's for sure. I live in Upstate N.Y, (not for much longer). But because we get some very harsh winters here (including lake effect snow from the great lakes) the roads get salted, when the salt melts the snow, that melted snow will get into the smallest cracks in the road, and once it freezes it causes heaves in the road, and when it melts again it just starts to crack more and more, then re-freezes, that is when the pot holes occur. Just a few years back a women was driving on interstate 787 in the Albany N.Y area, she was in the far left passing lane going about 45 mph when she hit a 18 inch pot hole, it destroyed the front under carriage of her car. She was lucky the roads were not completely bare, normally people do about 65-70 on 787, even though the speed limit is 55. 

Thanks for sharing, you take care and stay safe.


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Hey are u guys old 

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