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Could you stick to just one genre?

Local Performer

Old newbie. I can't be held down to one genre. If I were, it'd be rock. Not any sort of rock. Must have a thinking man's (or woman) idea's and a clear message.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for your post, @Ricodelmusico_u.

Sounds like you enjoy meaningful music with good lyrics.  Personally, I enjoy all types of genres including instrumentals.

We'd love to know more about what you're listening to. Here are some community spaces and threads to check out: 

Look forward to seeing you around the community space more often. :pandora:


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@Ricodelmusico_u My favorite music artist is Jewel, and my parents along with my siblings for their taste in music I would have to go with Singer-songwriter as the only genre I would pick if I could only choose one...If you were to research Singer-songwriters you would be surprised to see how many other genres fall into that category...

Have a great day...Take care and GOD bless...