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Country Playlists, New Music!!


What’s up Y’all !

If you like country music an want to listen to some new music you can check out a couple of new playlists I have put up. 
If you have never listened to Texas Country or Red Dirt Country I believe you should give it a listen. This is some great music by some great artists. So if you want a break from the Nashville country on repeat everyday, give it a listen and explore it on Pandora. Let me know what you think!

Just search playlists,

Red Dirt Nation

Texas Country Hotlist Vol-1

Thanks for listening! Peace!

3 Replies

Chart Topper

@Mattcavemusic Hey thanks for sharing. I'll check these out later. I like a variety of music including country. 

Diamond in the Rough

@Mattcavemusic got a new release for your playlists


Thank You, I really appreciate it!