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Explicit Playlist Suggestions

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Hey everyone! I will be taking over @MOHLovesAlaska  Posts and Playlist since @MOHLovesAlaska  has stepped down from the job. But I won't let it go away since many people were engaged in this. I thought it'd be a great idea for me to take this on.

So everyone please feel free to submit your suggestions here. Any genre of music is accepted (but explicit songs only please).

But for a heads up i'm a busy person and for me to do this  I can only  do this once a week NOT daily.Wednesdays are kind of a free day for me so that's when the playlist will be updated. 

But feel free to give me suggestions  all throughout the week. 

Today is my first day on the job, so  wish me luck.

And don't forget Life's a journey not a destination


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@Listener001  congrats to you. And as you know, explicit music is not really my style. But I do have a song that has a curse word in it. So I will make the first request here. It is Everything by Alanis Morissette. I wish you the very best in your one day a week post. You have my support. You take care and stay safe. 


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Thank you for your request.  This will be at the first song to go at the top of the playlist. 

And don't forget  Life's journey not a Destination.

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oh no i made a mistake i promised two peeps  that there song would be first 

wait no i came up with an idea on how to fix it 

the playlist will be posted at exactly 12:00 pm Pacific Daylight time

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Tomorrow I will be submitting a couple songs for explicit only playlist 

and maybe i'll put up a new playlist  

remember you can still submit suggestions

thank you 

Opening Act

Here Is A Song JOKER By Dax

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thank you!