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Fake people

Local Performer

Happy new year to every real person understanding the word real may this be your best year yet, be a positive, person with positive thoughts, stay focused on what means the most, you your life, **ahem** what anyone says, do you. **ahem** a fake , ....




Or **ahem** (man or woman)

Remember all year that  positive thoughts, positive actions and additudes lead to a positive person there for ending in a positive lifestyle/situation

Only you, yourself, can make yourself a person you wanna be able to look at in the mirror.  a positive outcome awaits everyone that wants to make it bad enough. you can only depend on yourself to get it done right therefore nobody is a problem

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Chart Topper

@Awizard85 Surrounding yourself with genuine good people is an important key to a happy life. I'm blessed to have a number of friends who are like family to me. Peace! ✌

@Awizard85 I will use one of my own quotes that I had quoted back in 6/2020. 

"Actors, as well as Actresses, are paid to be someone they are not. For you and me, it is our actions that will have a real impression on those who know and see us. The real question is, will we be known as an unknown un-paid actor or actress?" 

Have a great New Year take care and stay safe.