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Favorite Roblox Game?

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If you play Roblox, I would like to know your favorite game on Roblox so I can check it out.

If you don't play Roblox then reply with your favorite Video game or why you don't like Roblox.

@ Rouge Panda
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Mine is all Warrior cats. Mainly because I roleplay hardcore on there. But if your not the role player type, then I like playing Murder Mystery 2! Always great to have adrenaline running!!

-Demon Deer


ehhh i lke murder mystery 2 but i never get murderer and i only got sherif 1 time


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i like lumber tycoon 1 and 2


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I like Super Bomb, and Grandma's house obby

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Well, I’m not much of a Roblox player. I tried it various times, but it’s not for me. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t easily change. Not because I’m a boomer, but because I find Skyrim, Need for Speed MW, Call of Duty, and GTA more attractive than the new ones. Nothing new, just the old ones, and it’s because there are no new games that I would like. I’m still looking at sites from the gaming world that have all the important news, like but I see nothing that would interest me.

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My favorite Roblox game is Adopt Me! I love playing this game because of its cute and playful environment. In this game, players can adopt, raise and trade virtual pets, design their own houses and interact with other players in a friendly community. I love how creative and immersive this game is. I love the thrill of trading rare pets with other players and creating unique designs for my house. I have even gone on sites like to get more information about the game and learn about new updates and tips for playing. This has helped me become an even better player and has even more fun playing.

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Phantom Forces my guy. Haven't played many other games than that tho

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