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Grateful dead radio

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Anyone listening to the Grateful Dead Radio channel? They changed up the format!


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Local Performer
i used to listen to Grateful Dead Radio all the time, then i got Spotify. But now that i have a new job that requires me to be on or near a computer 75%-80% of the day, i am going to be using Pandora much more. the firewall my work has set up blocks us from using Spotify but we can use Pandora all we want, which is weird. So starting tomorrow i will be using Grateful Dead Radio much more often. How exactly did the format change? I hope its not a bad change because when i would use it before it was an amazing station that played nothing but amazing song after amazing song after amazing song. i wouldn't be surprised if they ruined it though, Corporate America always finds ways to ruin everything for us red blooded, tax paying, hard working, blue collar, Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir loving Americans.