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Happy Birthday, Sam Cooke ๐ŸŽ‰

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Born in 1931 to a Baptist minister and his wife, Sam Cookeโ€™s early musical development took place in the church. Like other early figures in what would eventually be called โ€œsoulโ€ music, Cooke began his professional career singing gospel. A member of the legendary Soul Stirrers since the age of 19, Cooke was given permission by his record label to begin recording secular music in 1956. โ€œYou Send Meโ€ (1957) was Sam Cookeโ€™s first pop smash, and it was followed by such classics as โ€œChain Gangโ€ (1960), โ€œCupidโ€ (1961), โ€œTwistinโ€™ the Night Awayโ€ (1962) and the Dylan-inspired posthumous release that became an anthem of the Civil Rights Movement: โ€œA Change Is Gonna Comeโ€ (1964). His voice has been called the most important in the history of soul music, but just as important to Sam Cookeโ€™s historical standing is the fact that he also wrote all of the aforementioned hitsโ€”a remarkable fact for any popular singer of his time.


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