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Help finding a song?

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I went into a restaurant recently that had this great song playing that I will do my best to describe, I can't remember the lyrics right.

The song was somewhat like rap in the way it rhymed, but vocal tone was more like a public announcement, repeating a phrase like "attention all human people" or maybe "attention earth people"

It has a heavy 8bit track playing that sounds like it belongs in metal slug or some space shooter type of game.

I heard mars mentioned which helped along that overall sci fi vibe I got from it.

I wish I remembered more words of it, I haven't hear this kind of music combo before. Anybody have advice on how to find it? I have tried my best with google.

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Hi there, @SoundlessScream. 👋

I tried searching too. Maybe it's this song?

This is the closest I could find based on what you described in your post.

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 1.08.17 PM.png

Attention Earth People by D.H.S.

Hope this helps! 🎧

Alyssa | Community Moderator

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@SoundlessScream what would really help if you knew the station the song was being played from. Most, not all but restaurants that play music from a country, rock, or soft music, pretty much play from the same local stations. For example, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) if they have 3 or 4 restaurants in one city or area, would be playing music from the same local station (most generally). With living in an online world today, you could go on the station's website and see their playing history to get an idea of what the song title might have been. You have an idea what time you were at the restaurant, and all you would have to do is see what songs were playing in that time frame. Take care and stay safe. 

P.S @SoundlessScream  you also mentioned it had the word "Mars" within the song. You could also go online and search for what songs have the word mars within its lyrics. Be safe. 


Local Performer

Aw man I wish this was it but it is not. This song is totally different