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Home Sound System Recommendations

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What is the best sound system to buy for your home

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@jerryballew it depends on several factors, are you looking to have it installed professionally? Do you have a set budget for the total cost? And are you planning on having more than one component hooked up to your home system? 

I have a family member that has a home system but they only have two TV's hooked up to it. I have a system but I have my computer as well as my TV hooked up on it. My system is by Bose. Bose has a home system that ranges from a couple of thousand, up to 4 thousand. You can install it yourself, but I would recommend to have it done professionally if you are going above 2,000, only because they are insured so if something gets fried during hook-up it will be covered. There are many factors to consider. 

Have a great day, take care and GOD bless. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @jerryballew. 👋

I'd love to know more about other home entertainment systems. I currently have a Control4 system and a Yamaha receiver. The Control4 is nice and has an app. 

If I were going purchase a new system, I would likely get a Sonos set up. The app is easy to navigate and you can group your speakers. 

What systems are you currently researching, @jerryballew?

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