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How do I become a artist

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I want to become a artist and my inspiration is from other artist I want to become a rapper 

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id say follow your dreams you are the one who has to take the first step

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@levi_ what @Christina173 has stated was stated perfectly. No one can make your dream happen but you. I wish you the very best in the pursuit of your dream. You take care and stay safe. 



I always wondered the same concept like  how would they help each other out .. I looked into it once. Make an AMP profile and you could start off as a curator. But, they still ask for copies of the music that you would  have made.  yet to have created. Also, to take into consideration, DJ'ing  could help you find your rhythm and flow with your vocals.


Sincerely, Tommy Pollyblank

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sometimes following the dream isn't the best you gotta go with the flow take it nice and slow if fame wants you it'll come to you but put emotion into a song like situation around you sometimes saddish jokish is nice to but to be brutally honest most people like us dont make it but man work hard and you shall receive fame my guy btw just sayin reality is cruel dont expect fame after one time.

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You need distribute music to Pandora, then make submission to approve your music to Pandora. Before you claim artist, that artist need have a own Artist Radio to eligible to claim Profile. (When you will claim that, your music will be automatically submitted to Pandora)

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Most people who want to be a music artist do not know it is hard ! First you must listen to all music . I played bass and I am black I thinking we be only playing black songs good luck with that ! 90 % was white songs 5% black songs and we played religions songs one must play song that people want to listen too ? If you are singing you must know how to play a musical instrument because everybody must be in tune ? I think everybody job is to correct all mistake ? All I know guitar  players know what going on ! If you want to be a singer it is not about you ! Everybody got a part ? Everybody whom in the group must sing a song ? So the rest of the group can sing backround ? I think I can sing sec. ? When the backround come in every note is sec. And above . Nightmare !