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How has music helped you?

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How music help you ??


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Hosmanmartine14 what a great question. I will say for me, it has helped me heal from a hurtful relationship that ended very badly. Music has also been my great encourager, it uplifts my spirit as well as my attitude. I listen to music so much more now, then when I was in a relationship. My taste in music is a wide variety. The only music I do not listen to is Rap. Music has become part of my everyday life now that I am single. I believe it will always be a part of my life, regardless if I stay single or become involved in another relationship. Music started out as a crutch to help me get through the day, as well as try to keep my mind off of her. Now it has become part of my identity. All who know me, will tell you music is my everyday thing. Thanks for the question. Take care and stay safe.  


Local Performer