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I Want To Give A Huge Shout Out To All Of This Nation's Military Veterans And Service Men & Women

For everyone that is wearing this Nations uniform and for those that are now a Military Veteran. I thank you for your service, your dedication, your sacrifice as well as for your love for this Great Nation. For all of you that are here on Pandora here is a little something for you. 


Take care and stay safe all.

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Local Performer

Thank you for the kind words that you have written from a United States marine disabled veteran who sometimes thinks that what we have done is not really appreciated 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @Cessnamobile. 👋

My grandfather served in the Marines as well.

Thank you so much for your service to our country! 

Happy to have you as a member of the Pandora Community. :pandora:

Alyssa | Community Manager
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@Cessnamobile I do appreciate your dad, my oldest brother David, my younger brother Jason, as well as myself have served..My dad was in during the Vietnam Era, my brother David was in during peace well as my brother Jason and I...I thank you for your service as well as for your sacrifice...GOD bless..take care and stay safe.