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I have been hoping that they start a community forever.

Local Performer

I hope this gets better, it's a lil forum-y

If they can get it to work on the Phone, it might be worthwhile.

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@LilyArborius  how are you this evening (afternoon), depends on your time zone. Here is a playlist you can check out. Hopefully you will find it enjoyable.  take care and stay safe. 


Diamond in the Rough

well, welcome to the community here in Pandora. 😁

Hope you have a great time! 

Take Care. Epik Table Flip (˚Õ˚)ر ~~~~╚╩╩╝

Community Manager
Community Manager

@LilyArborius Welcome to the :pandora: Community! We're happy to have you here.

Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean when describing your experience on mobile? I manage the forums and am definitely interested in your feedback. If you have screenshots to add, that would be even better! 

Thanks for joining and for starting off your participation. 😀 I hope to see you around often! 

Erick | Sr. Manager of Social & Communities

Let's exchange playlists and podcasts in the Music + Podcasts