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IDA's Wrath, Please Consider Supporting Those In Need.

Good Thursday morning Pandora Community. As you all know Ida has left a path of destruction that has nearly spread 2,000 miles. From a Cat 4 hurricane to devasting tornados and flooding starting in the Bayou's of Lousiana and Mississippi, the panhandle of Florida, going as far north as Main. So many have lost loved ones, homes, pets, businesses, and more. If I myself was not a supporter of the American Red Cross as well as other charities I would not be posting this. So, please just take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and look up some of the charities that are helping those who are suffering from Ida's wrath. Thank you for your time, and thank you in advance for all your charitable support. 

Have a great Thursday, take care, and stay safe. 

P.S Before you give to any charity please do your homework on the one and or more that you are considering supporting, unfortunately, this is also when the cold-hearted and heartless people attack as well, just beware. Be safe. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm thinking of those who have been affected by Hurricane Ida. Consider assisting if you are able!

Erick | Sr. Manager of Social & Communities

Let's exchange playlists and podcasts in the Music + Podcasts

@ErickPandora Hello friend, I had no doubt about you and others here in the Pandora family. Thank you @ErickPandora for the great support that you give to me and to all of those here at Pandora, and even those that are in need, like those who have been suffering from Ida's devastating force. Have a great Labor Day weekend friend, take care and stay safe.