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Introduce Yourself


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Welcome to the Pandora Community! Whether you've been a long-time Pandora listener or are new to our platform, we'd like to take the time to welcome you to the Pandora family!


We'd also like to take this time to hear from you! Share a picture of yourself below (if you feel comfortable doing so) and add the following so we have a better understanding of who you are:


  • Name?
  • Where you're from?
  • What your favorite genre of music is?
  • What you're currently listening to?
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service?


We hope to hear from many of you and hope that your Pandora Community experience is a memorable one. 🎧

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Hi, I'm Gid. I'm from Dallas, Texas. It's almost never silent for me because I constantly have music playing, and I'll listen to just about anything except maybe heavy metal or opera (but if you like that, no disrespect). I found Kpop a while ago and got really into it (currently listening to All With You by Taeyeon). I used Pandora as my main music source until a few years ago when I switched to spotify, but I've started using it again recently and found the community page, which is pretty new to me. I prefer to make my playlists on spotify, but I enjoy Pandora more for music suggestions. I find that I enjoy the new music Pandora gives me more than spotify. Plus, with the community feature, it seems like it'll be neat to talk to others about music~

Up & Coming Artist

Hi I'm Sj welcome to the community I also really like k-pop and if you would like some suggestions for k-pop music I would be glad to give you some.

@Gid nice intro and I do hope you will be replying as well as posting here in the Pandora community, it is friendly, welcoming, and even fun with all the posts that other Pandorians have created. Take care and stay safe. 


Chart Topper

@Gid Welcome to the community and thanks for your intro. I like a variety of music myself. It's good to have you as a part of our community. We hope you'll check out some of the other posts here. Peace! ✌

Local Performer

Name: Heather Hunter

From: Kokomo Indiana

Favorite Genre: 90's Rock/ Alternative

Currently: Dire Straights I want my mtv

Favorite Feature: My Thumbs Up Playlist

Chart Topper

@skadoe Hi Heather and welcome to the community. I have a 90s Rock Radio Station. I've got country, pop, R&B, and rock stations from the 80s to the present plus other stations as well. Every day I listen to a different station. In the evenings I have my favorite stations and playlists I listen to.

But anyway, thanks for sharing your into with us. I hope you'll check out some of the other posts here. Peace! ✌

Up & Coming Artist

Hi welcome to the community I'm excited to see you around here

  • Name? STACEY
  • Where you're from? CALIFORNIA
  • What your favorite genre of music is? ALTERNATIVE/JAZZ/CLASSIC ROCK
  • What you're currently listening to? BRANDI CARLILE - KT TUNSTALL RADIO

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Community, @slf352! We're happy to have you as a member and hope to see you around the community space more often. :pandora:

Alyssa | Community Manager
Let's talk music in Community Chat
Share yours here: Q: What song fits your mood today?
Check out new tunes this week: New Music: Picks of the Week (06.17.24)

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@slf352 Hi Stacey and welcome to the community. We hope you'll comment on some of our other posts here. That's how we get to know each other better. Anyway, thanks for sharing your intro with us. Peace! ✌


Name? Jayvin Keys

From? Harlan Iowa

Music? I Like Listening to Rap and Hip-Hop

What I am Currently Listening to? Please Excuse Me Album By: Roddy Rich 

What Kind of food do I like? I like to eat Watermelon, Apples, Orange's, Pizza, Cheese Burgers,

What I Like To do in My Free Time? I like to play Video Games, Draw, Color, Write my Own Stories

Do I Play Sports? Yes i play Football, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling, Baseball


Chart Topper

@JayvinKeys13 Hi Jayvin and welcome to the community. I'm glad you came and shared your intro with us. I'm also glad to see you've made some other comments elsewhere in the community. Amway, I hope you'll be an active part of our community. It's still a growing community. Peace! ✌


Singer / songwriter from Minnesota.Listening to everything from  Cody Jinks to the cure. Love the station feature from Pandora. Peace all !✌️


Chart Topper

@Mattcavemusic Hi and welcome to the community. Thanks for sharing with us. So you're a singer/songwriter. Do you have music on Pandora? If you do we'd love it if you share a link for your music. I have a playlist for new artists I discover here. Anyway, I hope we'll see you around the community. Peace! ✌

Opening Act

Stacey from CA what decade of classic rock you like

mod edit: removed personal information

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hi I am babyt I live in savannah ga. I am 55 ,not your average 55 I love rap more than anything lil Wayne is the greatest,I like R.R. j


Local Performer

thank you I am not a big social media person I play around but I'm not to sure what to do an.d who to trust

Chart Topper

@alwaysabsbabyt1 Welcome to the community. Savannah is a beautiful place. I'm from the Upstate of South Carolina and I'm 57. Anyway, I'm glad to have you stop by. We have a small community here but hopefully growing. I hope we'll see you commenting on some of the other posts here. Peace! ✌

Local Performer
  • Name? Kent (Conner) Kade (Ayden)
  • Where you're from? Were Both From Colorado
  • What your favorite genre of music is? (Kent) I Love 80S 90s Rock (Kade) I Like Rap And Pop Punk
  • What you're currently listening to? (Kade) Death Race For Love (Bonus Track Version) (Explicit) by Juice WRLD (Kade) I Don't Know What Kent Is Listening To Right Now But He Sure Loves It
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service? Both Of Us Love The Fact That We Can Create Our Own Radio Station

P.S. Kade Is Also Me Mr. Smyles But Again My Friend Deleted It So I'm Going To Use This One Now

Local Performer
  • Name? Ayden
  • Where you're from? Grand Junction, CO
  • What your favorite genre of music is? I Like Pop Punk And Rap
  • What you're currently listening to? Sometimes by Juice WRLD
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service? You Can Create Your Own Radio Station

Smyle BIG