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Message I got

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I received a message

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Sebuckel1 It doesn't look like you have private messages enabled, so I'm not sure where you are seeing that message.

I also don't see anyone on the Community tagging you with that type of message.

If that was sent to you via email or elsewhere, you may want to think about marking that message as spam, or blocking the person who sent it to you if you don't know who they are.

Hope this helps.

Local Performer

Or... Just maybe, in an alternate or parallel universe, someone just misses @Sebuckel1  😂 


Okay, maybe not. 

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Lmao....ill take the latter! I found my way to preferences. I just get impatient is all. I hate these phones, but i gotta get my tunes, ya know.

Thanks a figuring it out, grumbling cuz it makes me have to be still in one spot & nothing gets done.


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