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Music that doesn't remind you of anything.

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Anyone enjoy music that doesn't bring up sad memories or anything like that? I wish i could share some of my playlists to get some feedback lol i bet they'll work.

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I'm kind of a nostalgic person, so I can't really relate lol. But I still enjoy upbeat songs that don't bring up sad feelings as well. Two songs I've found and replayed multiple times are Like 1999 by Valley and Hotel by Claire Rosinkraz. 

@LucyFurr yeah, I'm over all of that. But now since it has been a long time that I have sorrowed from loss, I now enjoy all music, those memories are healed, just as my heart is healed. 14 years will give you the healing that broken heart needs. 

I'm looking forward for you to share your Playlist. In the mean time here are a couple of mine that you can check out. MOHLovesAlaska Created Playlist  this one has 1,638 songs within it. MOHLovesAlaska 2022 this Playlist has 90 songs that are brand new this year, and as new songs come out they will be added to this Playlist. Genre Songs Of The Day (GSOTD)  this Playlist has 1469 songs within it, this Playlist was created for a daily post I curate here in the Pandora community, I add about 3 songs a day to it. Love For 364 + One Valentines Day I created this (all love song) Playlist just for Valentines day 💝.  An All Women's Playlist  this Playlist has an all women music artists only. I created this Playlist two years ago this Mother's day to honor all the moms here in the Pandora community. I have a couple more Playlists, so if you want them just leave me a request. 

Take care and stay safe.


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@LucyFurr Music has always been important to me since I was a kid. There are songs that can make you reflect on sadder times but then there's plenty of music that brings up good memories.

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Community Manager

This is an interesting topic, @LucyFurr. For me, music reminds me of different stages in my life. For every stage, I have songs or an album that remind me of that time period. I don't think there is any music that doesn't bring up memories, unless it's something completely new to me. However, most of the memories music brings up for me are positive moments. As you can probably tell, I am also a nostalgic person like @Gid. Have you tried listening to instrumental music? Sometimes, I find that music with little to no vocals can put me in a good mood. 

Feel free to share the Pandora playlists you've created in the Music + Podcasts section of the community. We'd love to check them out! 🎶

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@AlyssaPandora you hit the nail on the head with your explanation about music, for me there was a time I couldn't listen to sad music, but today it has no effect on me. Now I just enjoy all music 🎶 🎵 (except for rap). I also have a Playlist just for reading 📚, it is all instrumental, well, all but 2 songs, Nessum Dorma ( Jackie Evancho, Opera) and Saturn (Sleeping At Last). Both are beautiful songs. 

Take care, and stay safe.