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Old Western group Tibor Brothers


There was an old Country western group I believe around 1950's to 1960's 

called The Tibor Brothers.  Searching Pandora I find a Tibor Brothers but they were popular in the

1970's but seems they were more Pop than country, not the right group.  I believe there was

about 8 singers in their group, very talented, more like the sons of the pioneers type of cowboy music.

So I just havent found much of anything so I think it must have been way back.  So I appreciate anything anyone would know.  I thought they spelled their name:  The Tibor Brothers, but its just the group from the 70's and this is not the same bunch. 

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Opening Act

The group varied over time, starting around 1946 and having their only charting single (#95) in 1976.  The family had, I recall, 16 siblings and all of them plus their mother played in various versions of the group.  So, as you can imagine, the music varied quite a bit depending on who was currently in the band.  But the name "Tibor Brothers" wasn't adopted until around the 1970s I believe (though of course the band member's surnames were always Tibor), and before the 1970s the group was known by other names.   Found this article that gives a bit more detail on their history:

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Hi thank you very much for this information.