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Omarion Vs Mario

Opening Act

In light of the upcoming Verzuz Battle on Thursday June 23, 2022; who do you got winning the battle between Omarion and Mario? 


To those who are not up to date or know about Verzuz TV is, Verzuz is a platform where artists battle each other with their music catalog. It started in the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic where shelter in place was mandated worldwide. It started with Timberland and Swizzbeats on IG live going head to head playing their top records to see who had the best discography. Now, it transcended into multi-million dollar platform where every artist is waiting to find their right opponent. Basically a boxing match for artists, but instead of using fist, they use their own music.


To all the R&B lovers (like myself) and anyone who enjoys music, who do you have winning the battle? Omarion or Mario? I would love to see what you guys think and don't be afraid to list your favorite song or two from each artist. 


Personally, I think Omarion is going to win, but I know Mario have so many great songs that makes you want to call that girl that got away. lol ='( 


Favorite songs:

Omarion - I'm Tryna

Omarion - Entourage 


Mario: Crying Out For Me

Mario: Chick Wit Da Braids

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Local Performer

Are you ready for a night of R&B??? Omarion is scheduled to face off against Mario in the next Verzuz.

According to a press release, Omarion said on the Big Tigger Morning Show that “there’s a few people out there that I could do, but it’s a small class of people who perform like myself.” Since, the singer expressed greater interest in the idea of challenging one of his fellow artists.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@GeraldatLarge I personally like Mario's music more. Omarion was with B2K so I feel like I enjoyed more songs by B2K versus Omarion as a solo artist. 

This takes me back to high school days. The songs I liked were:

Just A Friend


Let Me Love You


How Do I Breathe

Music For Love


Alyssa | Community Manager
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