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Pandora Musicology Podcast

Local Performer

Does anyone remember the Musicology Podcast that Pandora put out ~10 years ago? I'm trying to find that content again - it had a lot of awesome and insightful episodes!  I can't find it anywhere, though.  

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DullBoyPat try and ask one of Pandora's moderators directly. Just click on Alyssa, Tanner, Adam, or ErickPandora's name, leave them your question and they will help you. Take care and stay safe.  

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Local Performer

Local Performer

I do see them on but can't get them to play through that site.  Is there any other way to access them?  It's truly excellent content and it seems to have disappeared from the internet.  I remember the podcast fondly from years ago, learned so much from it... now I wanted to share it with my two little boys and teach them too, but can't find it.

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