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Hello everyone!

Are you looking for a new podcast  to listen to. Or are you a beginner when it comes to listening to podcast . 

well lucky you i have quite a few podcast for you to check out but first ill tell you they type of podcast i like to listen to so you can get get a gist of what i'm about to recommend.

i'm the type of person that doesn't have a lot of patience and when i work on things i like to get it one and done unless im willing to be passionate and take the time to really go through something. so i like fast paced podcasts that are mainly fiction but i have a couple nonfiction ones. I'm all for things that tell a story. And i love all genres from comedy to news and politics. 

So here are my top podcast recommendations. These will be updated every now and then . 

⚠️Warning these recommendations are all extremely biased. ⚠️




by FEAR FILM Studios Podcast Network  


If you're looking for a guy that doubts himself everytime he is in a life or death situation but then hypes himself up as soon as he's about to make a decision. At first i saw that as really annoying but this is what made me root for this character. this podcast is about a guy who needs to find the lost journals in order to save the world from an evil force. the music in the background really gives you sense that  you're almost watching a horror movie that's ready to bring you to climatic situations. Slowly I bet you'll become a fan of this podcast if you give it a chance. Also the random events in this podcast may get you to say what's the exact point of this but I gave up on trying to figure out the point because it always adds up in the end.



by No Such Thing Productions


some of the voice actors sound like there trying to hard on this but thats what makes this podcast special it really gives you the sense that they are trying hard to give each character their own character. this podcast is about  a doctor  being called into action when a prehistoric sea creature resurfaces and problems begin to arise after the doctor aboards a submarine and lands in an underground working station with others  that all suddenly realize that this may not be a norma research assignment.  This podcast just hits home for me i'm an adventure fan and mystery fan and this podcast gives you that. and i'm a huge fan of marine biology  and prehistoric creatures this podcast gives me al that i ask for and i just take this in.



by  Scott Thrower


   and a half 

Don't let the title throw you off the title is actual what brought me in i keep seeing this on pandora and i was like huh whey does they keep catching my eye and truly i was really just curious. and curiosity got the best of me. this podcast consist of so many short stories with basic life meaning that you can point out easily. and it possibly gives you waves of nostalgia like for me some of these stories reminded me of what my folks tell me all the time.  There is only one voice in this entire series and its pretty calm and captivating i think that's what really drew me in. It was something I could listen to while working on something. 



By The Moth


I absolutely love THE MOTH. THE MOTH I actually heard on my radio 89.3 at like 8pm When I was just moping around surfing through the radio stations.  THE MOTH is actual real life stories told by awesome people from all over the world. The stories told are live and you can often hear the audience. Hearing the audience makes you feel like no matter how far you are you feel like you're apart of the something.The stories often told are heartwarming and make you relate with the speaker you can't help but to think and reflection the story you just heard.Some of these stories are just inspiring. I actually skip watching tv to listen to this podcast.

I hope you all check out these podcast and check them out. you may find you're new favorite podcast.  Thank you @AlyssaPandora  for helping me come up with the idea to do this. 

**The counting I have like (NUMBER FIVE etc ) arent countdown form favorites of mine. it also isn't rated from best to worst. (that's what the stars are for (?/5)) These number rankings (NUMBER FIVE etc ) is a ranking on what I believe people need to pay attention to. If I have numbers 1-5  should pay attention to and focus on in my opinion).

I'm breaking up these parts because im typing also there will be more parts to this.  This may be a new series i'm also wondering if this should go in the community chat. 

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Thanks for sharing, @Oshawott. 👍

Here are some of the podcasts I'm listening to right now.

Crime Junkie:


Description: "If you can never get enough true crime... Congratulations, you’ve found your people."



Description: "Academy Award® winner Rami Malek stars in this apocalyptic thriller as a small-town radio DJ fighting to protect his family and community after the power grid goes down nationwide, upending modern civilization. BLACKOUT stars and is executive produced by Rami Malek and produced by QCode and Endeavor Content. BLACKOUT Written and created by Scott Conroy. Directed by Shawn Christensen. BLACKOUT is presented by Sonos." Season 2 just came out.

Passenger List:


Description: Atlantic Flight 702 has disappeared mid-flight between London and New York with 256 passengers on board. Kaitlin Le (Kelly Marie Tran), a college student whose twin brother vanished with the flight, is determined to uncover the truth. Passenger List is a mystery thriller podcast from PRX’s Radiotopia.

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@AlyssaPandora I just watched a movie with Rami Malek and Denzel Washington, it was a great crime thriller as well. So I will check out this podcast as well. Thanks for sharing your podcast. Take care and stay safe.