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Poem of why chose to be in the mirror

Opening Act

*Why chose to be in the mirror man*

Every time I look in the mirror

I see a person looking back at me

I want to know if that person supposed to be me

Because that person looks strange, scary, and different that I can’t even describe

And what the hell does that person keep staring at

What for? Is something wrong with me?

Asking myself where did that person come from?

I want to know what this person wants from me

Is that person ever going away?

It’s like everything I’m doing that person keeps on copying me

Only thing I’m so confuse about is why this person can’t never talk to me

Like I can’t never hear this person voice behind this thick glass

Let’s be real what happened, that person chose to come out

What would happen, do you think my life would be different and easier

I wonder what kind of place, or where this kind of place this person is living at? In the mirror?

Beside the mirror where else does this person even go or what else this person do

Does that person have hard life like me?

Does that person struggles the way I am right now?

Does that person know how it feels to have scars and bruises?

               Can that person feel that I want a hug every morning when I wake up from my bad dreams?

Can that person give me a hand at least “what are you waiting for?”

If that person can’t even move or help me why can that person just stop following me?

And stop stalking me in this thick glass they called mirror

That sometimes part of me want to break it

But when I did it was only me who got hurt and almost bleed to death

Even If I tried my hardest to break it

That person just stay in one place like nothing never happen

Can’t even rescue me at all

What does that person even want then?

            Why and what that person even doing here behind this glass

Why chose to be in the mirror though

Like I want to know

As soon I fall that person disappear

Please come out behind this thick glass whoever you are

And show yourself out

My dear friend



Poetry by RelDeo ( Falone)Jean Louis

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4 Replies

Chart Topper

@Reldeo Thank you for sharing. Interesting poem. Maybe you'll share more with us later. Peace! ✌

Opening Act

I hope you guys like my poem 🙂 and relate to it too.

Thanks there will be more. Good day!

Opening Act

Love your poems!!

Opening Act

aww that means so much to me. I share more with you guys!😊