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Quick Update

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Hello everyone,

I meant to do this sooner but i wanted to get to work as soon as possible. Which explains my constant posting. for the last couple hours.

But i'm almost officially out of school thursday is my last day. And i've taken all my finals and i have passing grades they could be better but that's my goal for next year. So my summer has almost officially started. i am not sure if i'm enrolled in summer school and i may have to cancel the college classes i've planned on to take over the summer.(My forms are taking a while to get through.) But since i plan on to take AP  LITERATURE next year I'll have to do some summer reading. So im looking forward to that.

MY coming back process towards the pandora community  could possibly be slow and fast it just depends on how my summer will go. I want to spend as much time as i can on here during the summer but i can't give you all a direct promise. So pray for me you guys. I'd love to be here.



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@Oshawott great to hear you passed your finals. I would love to see your post here on Pandora on a daily basis, But I know you have been taking care of what matters most, and I am truly proud of you for doing that. Kudos to you for putting your priorities first. Hopefully, we will see you more often as the summer ages. Take care @Oshawott and stay safe as well. 


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I am glad to hear you passed your finals, @Oshawott. School is certainly more important than Pandora but I hope to see you here often. Have a happy and blessed summer!


As @MOHLovesAlaska and @elijahmdawkins mentioned, we're happy to hear you passed your final exams and will be here rooting for you whether you're around or not. 

Thanks for not forgetting about us and coming back to share your joy! We will be here waiting for you whenever you have the time. 😁:pandora:🎓