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Send Me Music Suggestions for Variety

Local Performer

Plz send me your favorites so i can hear a variety i need friends stuck home disabled show me life in here plz


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Tonya schug
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Chart Topper

@Butt3rcup76 Hi again Tonya. I have a playlist of my favorite songs. It's country, pop, R & B, and rock music from the last 42 years. It currently has 226 of my faves in it. I'm still adding to it. Bud's Faves  Just click the link and you can collect my playlist. 

I'm Buddy. I'm 57 and live in South Carolina. I normally check in on the community everyday except on the weekends. The community is pretty quiet on the weekends. Anyway, of you ever want to chat, come back to this post and leave me a comment. I prefer commenting on public instead of private messages. Pandora puts a limit on how many private messages you can send each day. 

I hope I'll see you around. Peace! ✌️

@Butt3rcup76 I'm sorry for the delay in reading your post, here are a couple of my own personal Playlists, and the last one is one that I add to daily (well, when I am curating it). I hope you like the music

MOHLAlaska Alphabet Playlist this Playlist was created for a music challenge here on Pandora. MOHLovesAlaska Created Playlist this one has over 1650 songs in it. Love For 364 + one Valentines Day an all love song Playlist. An All Women's Playlist  this has over 700 songs that are all female only artists. Genre Songs Of The Day (GSOTD) clean only this Playlist was created just for Pandora for the post that I curate within the community. I hope you enjoy the music, take care and stay safe.