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Suggestion: Scott Joplin plays more rags than the entertainer

Local Performer

I added Scott Joplin to my station list because I like ragtime music.  But it only plays one song.  The entertainer.  Usually Pandora is a bit better at diversity.

Maybe Pandora is just limited to super popular music or something?


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Hi @michaeljhuman thanks for posting to community! Glad to have you. 🎧

I'd took a peak at your account and I'm not seeing that you're using thumbs all that much. 

Pandora stations adapt with every song to try to find the right music for your stations. Without Thumb info, however, Pandora has to guess what songs you like or don't like.

Keep in mind, Thumbs are station specific, so please feel free to Thumb up and down accordingly. Giving a Thumb rating on one station will not affect any of your other stations.

This also means that you can use Thumbs to craft the sound you are trying to achieve and vary the playlists from station to station. For example, you might want to give a song you like a Thumb Down if you think it will bring in a certain type of music you'd prefer to not have on that station. Don't be afraid to rate songs (you can always edit your stations later if you don't like the direction your station is going or if you'd like to mix things up).

Finally, you can use Pandora Modes to customize your station experience when you're listening on our website or your mobile device. You can pick different modes like Crowd Faves, Discovery and Deep Cuts. Be sure to Thumb Up songs you liked to inspire similar songs to play.

Hope this was helpful! Thanks for being part of community!


Tanner | Community Moderator

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