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Taking a Break From Pandora Community

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Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well.  

I have some unfortunate news.

While i'm in school i will not be on pandora actively. I have at the very least possibly 3 weeks until i'm out from school. And i really need to focus on my work.  At the moment I  really need to get my grades up. and i'm in a rush to get school work done along with the test I have to take.

I really wish I can stay here but i'd rather be able to fully commit to something completely rather then leaving and coming back and not being able  to put in as much effort as i'd like to.  

With that i think it's for the time being someone else can perhaps take over my playlist and selections that i've been working on perhaps until i come back. 

i will try my best to stop by from time to time just to check on everyone but I cannot stay for long.

maybe during the summer i can continue but for now i have to put things on pause.

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Opening Act

Well, adios, then!

@Listener001 I truly wish you the very best in your schooling, as well as your upcoming tests. @Listener001 the community is the least of your worries, take care of your priorities first and foremost. As far as the GSOTD explicit only post and playlist don't even worry about it. If someone else wants to take over, okay, but if not, well then you just start where you left off when you do decide to come back. I wish you all the best. Your friend MOHLovesAlaska (Matt). Take care and stay safe. 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @Listener001. 👋

Thanks so much for your contributions to the Pandora Community! :pandora:

Wishing you well as you finish up school and focus on your upcoming tests. 

Look forward to seeing you around when you return. 😊

Alyssa | Community Manager
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