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Time to do something radically new, and actually use, "I'm tired of this song."

Diamond in the Rough

If you look at my profile, there are a few attempts to suggest new ways of doing the mix, and a few complaints that the ability is not there. Perhaps, I need to negate that, and really give the "I'm tired of this song (selection)," a significant try.

Sure there might be the drawback that for a while I will be doing quite a bit of music baby sitting, but I'm practically always music baby sitting because now my wife is home because it is illegal for her to work given that COVID-19 is going around, such that she really doesn't want to hear the stereo now that she is back home for a while. For her sake, I'm using my laptop and headphones, so as I use the computer I can just - I'm tired of this song - until my heart is content, and see what comes of it because I no longer have a problem of not being able to operate the stereo to a remote origin. Generally, I don't prefer headphones, but luckily March also saw the birthday of my son, meaning he got new headphones, and I got his old ones. My new hand-me-down headphones are significantly better, such that using them isn't so annoying, and sounds about as good as my Bose stereo output, except I can use them on the laptop. And, a part the reason for my original confusion might be that the skip button actually means anything more than skip the song. 

However, after writing a bunch, I'm just going to get to it and start using the I'm tired of this track feature until I'm happy with my mix. And, if I don't get happy, then maybe I will go back to complaining. lol!

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