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Has anyone witness these UFOS that have been seen over Arizona? Miami? And other parts of the world .I’m hearing this mile long ship lol lol we’re not alone 

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Hey there, @DUGZY73. 👋

I have not witnessed these. Have you? In the meantime, I did find a podcast episode about UFO Sightings on Pandora.

Have you listened to any interesting podcasts about UFOs? 

Here's an episode I found on Pandora:

Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 7.37.10 AM.png

Unexplained Mysteries: UFO Sightings

Hope to see you around the community more often! :pandora:

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Opening Act

I've never witnessed one myself, but I definitely believe we have been visited. When I tell people this they tend to tell me their stories if they have them. Apparently a lot of people have seen a UFO because I have a small social circle but can count half a dozen witnesses amongst them!