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Why did you choose pandora?


I was just curious about the reasons people chose this app over others? My reason was price.

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@pr2  started out with Spotify, but your right, when I seen the price for Pandora, along with the music selection (just about the same). I decided to drop Spotify and go with Pandora, I've not looked back since. That was about 14 months ago. 

    Hope to see you around the community more, have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and safe New Year. Take care and stay safe.  



Hello pr2,

Free is hard to beat. The cost was not a big deciding factor for me though. There are several of services for free. 

I was with one of those, don't know if I can say which one. I switched because of the almost constant stings of commercials & it buffered a lot. My husband got Pandora with one of his devices. He never had the buffering I did.

Have a good one!


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Mine was for creating stations & hopefully streaming w/o commercials since I family upgraded after marrying.

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I've had Pandora on and off since the beginning (on and off as in free vs. paid).  My account predates Spotify's availability in the US. I have both because they fill different needs. I listen to Spotify in the car and Pandora at work - even now that I've been WFH since March. I like that it has my weird playlists for dealing with work that I made back in 2011.

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