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songs close to my heart ♥

Opening Act

little boy and the preacher man- Nu Breed & Jessie Howard 

this song is close to my heart because most of it happend to me when i was a kid. it makes me sad to know other kids have it worse. so my words to other people would be.. Be kind even if the killed your dog, my late grandfather always said "kill them with kindness" even if they aren't the nicest to you or someone you love always be nice to them. 



have a good rest of your day 


prayin for y'all 

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@Mrodeo15 you were given great advice by your late grandfather. I have met two people in my life who never spoke a negative word about anyone, and that included the people who they never got along with. All they said about those whom they did not get along with was this..."Not everyone you come across in your life's path will like you or see eye to eye with you, no matter how nice you are to them or how good you speak about them, some people were just meant to come across your path to be a thorn in your side, so instead of wasting negative energy on those few just carry on with your life in the most positive way so they cannot affect you with their negativity."

Those two people in my life were Clara Carkees my grandmother on my mom's side and a family friend Mary Higgins both have passed on, but both were a great influence on many that have crossed their paths in life, and both were beautiful souls...

Take care and GOD bless...