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does anyone think the Devil Went Down to Georgia by the Charlie Daniels Band is oddly modern for when it was made?

and does This Cowboy's Hat by Chris LeDoux hit close to home for anyone else?

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@kayden_S some of the simplest things in one's life can have a life story attached to them. For example, I became friends with the owners of a Restaurant who were from Marseille France, they had friends back there who had sent their oldest son Jamaick to visit for a summer, he never fished before and he never shot a gun, so he and I became really good friends, over the summer I taught him how to fish with an open face spinner reel and a push-button reel (don't ask about fly-fishing, lol), I also taught him how to shoot using open sights and a scoped rifle. He said it was the best summer he had ever had at that time. Before he went back to Marseille we exchanged currency, I gave him a ten-dollar U.S bill in exchange for francs, I still have those francs today in my safe, I have had them for about twenty years now. Many people have asked me why I keep money that is worthless foreign money in a safe, I just smile at them and say it is only worthless until you hear the story. I will never get rid of it, not even for 1,000 x's, it's worth. 

Take care and stay safe. 


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ill admit it I've listened to this song once or twice the devil went down to Georgia  but I never knew it was made in 1986 I thought it was at least made in the 90"s so yeah I guess they're a bit modern.

for this cowboys hat by Chris le doux, I've heard of this tune but I never knew this song but yeah this song does hit a couple of strong points for me like whoa