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New Updates to Pandora AMP's Creator Notifications!





We’re excited to announce an update to Creator Notifications! In 2022, we launched Creator Notifications, which allowed AMP users to subscribe to email notifications for artists they follow. These notifications included “Week in Review” and “At the Moment” emails so AMP users can get regular updates about recent editorial placements and spin metrics. Today marks a complete redesign of the existing notifications, as well as a new, third type of notification, Milestones!




Milestones allows AMP users to receive important landmark notifications, such as, when an artist’s track reaches the elite “Million Streams Club.” Milestone notifications include a custom visual asset in multiple sizes to download and share. We’ll be gradually introducing different types of Milestone notifications, so we encourage you to sign up today.



When you log in to AMP, simply navigate to the profile of the artist you would like to follow. In the Insights tab, scroll down to “Follow Artist.” There you can click the star icon to follow that artist and they’ll appear directly on your dashboard. You can then click the mail icon to opt in to receive email notifications. Clicking the gear icon will allow you to customize the email notifications you would like to receive, including At the Moment, Week in Review and now, Milestones. 






Sign into Pandora AMP here to check out these new features!


For more information about Creator Notifications, the AMP tools, User Guides, and more, please check out the AMP Playbook.