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Desktop App: Timer Continues but No Song Plays

Local Performer

so i can watch the bar progress through a song but not hear anything, but then randomly one song will come up that i can magically hear, so i have 20 min intervals where i hear nothing and then randomly hear one song ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my computer, but then also noticed i had the same issue on the website


mod edit: changed title for clarity

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, @Christian4. 👋

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble streaming.

  • Are you using a MAC or Windows computer?
  • Have any error messages popped up? If so, what exactly does it say?

Resetting App Data:

Have you tried resetting the app data yet? If not, you can see if this helps - I've included the steps below.

For Windows Computers: 

First, try resetting the Pandora app from the Help menu (not to worry, we'll keep track of your profile and collection for you). Press Alt on your keyboard to bring up a menu options at the top of the page, then select Help and Reset App Data.

For MAC Computers:

In the Pandora Desktop app, select Help in your top tool bar and then Reset App Data.


Network Troubleshooting:

You can also try rebooting your connection: 

  1. Shut down your device completely;
  2. Unplug your modem and router, wait one full minute, and then plug them back in;
  3. Wait five more minutes to allow the modem and router to fully boot back up;
  4. Turn your device back on and try Pandora again.

Feel free to let me know how it goes. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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