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Desktop App: Windows 10 Update

Local Performer

My Pandora for Windows 10 app hasn't updated been since 2019.  The Pandora.exe executable file is currently at version with a modification date of 11/21/2019.  All of the files in the .../Program Files/Pandora folder were last updated in 2019.

When I check the Windows Store it only has the version that I have.  I have auto-updates turned ON in the Windows Store, so I should have the latest version.

Is there a newer version of Pandora for Windows 10?

Has Pandora not updated their app in almost 3 years?

What's going on?


mod edit: changed title for clarity

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Local Performer

I don't think pandora doesn't support Windows 10

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Local Performer

Maybe you should try uninstalling the application and downloading the latest available version today? But this will probably be pointless since the application should update automatically if you have auto-update enabled. Maybe you don't have a licensed version of Windows? Not having a license can cause lots of problems, and you should buy the licensed version of Windows to ensure you get all the features the Microsoft team offers.