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Desktop: How to Shuffle Stations

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Do I need an app on my laptop? I don't have a shuffle option at all 😞


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Local Performer

I know this is from 2020. Today 5/20/24 I was listening to shuffle.  I added a station and have tried all the suggestions to this post and I am not finding shuffle any where!

I am on Pandora through my desk top - I'm thinking on the internet?? I was using shuffle a few minutes ago, I added a station and now the shuffle has disappeared. I couldn't find it on my android ap either. I am a plus subscriber

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Hi @hopisgal 

As a free ad supported user, you can use the following steps to start and edit your Shuffle selection:

First, you'll need to start your Shuffle. You can filter your collection by Stations, the option to Shuffle Stations should appear on the left side. When you start shuffle, you'll be taking to the Now Playing screen. Or you can start a station, and the option to Shuffle will appear on the left side, above the station list.

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 3.55.27 PM.png


You can customize the station included in your shuffle selection by:

  • Hovering over the Shuffle On icon on the left side which will appear on the Now Playing screen which will reveal a pencil icon
  • Clicking the pencil icon will bring you to the My Collection page.
  • Check or uncheck each station to modify your shuffle experience, either in the bottom right corner of each stations' album art, or (if you're using A-Z sorting) to the right of the station name.



Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 4.01.40 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 4.02.49 PM.png


If you're not seeing the shuffle options on your computer, please take a screenshot of what you are seeing and include the browser you're using along with the browser version.


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