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Desktop: Shuffle Issues

Local Performer

I have tried everything to fix the "shuffle" on my desk Pandora.   There are only 10 stations that it shuffles through before returning to the beginning.   I have 134 stations and am a paid subscriber.    This has only been an issue for a couple of weeks.  Prior to that everything worked fine.     I most recently tried to uncheck the 10 stations from the shuffle but Pandora continues to play from those stations under "Now Playing"   



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @tracywhite. 👋

Sorry for any trouble you've experienced. We appreciate you taking the time to report this.

Are you experiencing any error messages when this happens?

To clarify, are you clicking on "Shuffle All Stations" or are you using a custom shuffle with stations you've selected?

Let me know. 🎧



Alyssa | Community Manager
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