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Distortion with third-party app

Local Performer

I have been using a third-party macOS app called "Music Streaming", with my Pandora account, for a long time, I don't remember why, maybe it was before a Pandora dedicated app existed. But recently I have been hearing a lot of distortion when listening to the music (Mostly "Cool Jazz Radio"). I also use Boom3D (software EQ) and thought maybe there was a problem there, so I've tried turning that off, and I've tried switching now to the Pandora app instead of Music Streaming app. But still, there's just a lot of graininess to the sound, a lot of background noise. When I say "a lot," I mean, it's listenable, sure. But even with my compromised hearing at the high end, I can hear a lot of white noise and what just sounds like low-resolution audio files. What's going on here? It used to be so good, clean and clear, for years. Now within the last few months the quality seems to have taken a nosedive. 

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Hi @k9gardner 

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I'm happy to report this to the team that looks after our library. Could you give me the name of the station(s) that this happens on and a couple of examples of tracks that you've noticed the white noise.


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