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Scrolling through playlist songs causes freeze

On the Rise

This problem has been going on for a long time now but I haven't done anything about it because I don't scroll through the songs that much.    Today though I had to scroll a lot and it became a big headache.  So I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

I am using Chrome on a Mac.

I usually use my mouse's scroll wheel to scroll through my list of songs in my playlist. When ever I did this  for a long time I noticed that the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the window would start vibrating real fast.  When this happened I found that anything I clicked my mouse on would not respond on that page.   After awhile  I found I could stop it from vibrating if I clicked on the up or down arrows.   So I tried to scrolling through my list of songs using my arrow keys  instead of my mouse but eventually if  I scrolled too long it would start doing the same thing. 

Hope someone has an answer for this.   I am reluctant to blame this on Pandora but it never happens on anything else I might be scrolling on. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@daleslad I moved your post to the Desktop space since this issue sounds specific to your computer.

I recommend running through the suggested troubleshooting steps listed on our help page: Chrome Troubleshooting

It may also help to try streaming Pandora on a different browser (ex: Firefox) to see if you have better luck there.

Let me know how it goes.

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