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Songs show but won't play

Local Performer

Ive been having the same problem for at least a week - on my desktop computer -Windows - Google Chrome browser.  It has worked fine for years now, but  . .. I see and hear all the ads (of course) and see the titles, etc, but no actual MUSIC. hellpp

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@lkpasa I moved your post over to the Desktop space.

We've have seen similar reports here: Web: Songs Cutting Off Before Song Ends

  • Does the timer continue when this happens? As if the song is still playing? 
  • Do you receive any error messages when this occurs? If so, what exactly does it say?


Have you tried running through the troubleshooting steps yet? If not, I would recommend trying out these steps: Chrome Troubleshooting

Thanks for working with us on this. 🤝

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