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Downloadable Podcasts for Plus + Premium Users

Downloadable Podcasts for Plus + Premium Users

Status: Open Ideas

Firstly, just wanna say I love Pandora; Premium is pretty great, and definitely holds its own against Spotify, however Pandora Plus is more my cup of tea, and I just recently downgraded to it and love it even more. However, one feature I find odd to be missing is downloadable Podcasts. I know premium has a download button for podcasts, albeit it’s greyed out. So essentially my two questions are:

1.) Will we ever be able to download Podcasts for offline usage?

and 2.) will Plus users be able to download Podcasts? 

   If I could literally just use Pandora Plus for all of my music AND podcast needs, hell, I’d never stop singing your guys’ praises. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else I’d like to add, nor any other feature requests that come to mind; I’d just like to us Plus and Premium users be able to also listen to podcasts offline.



a happy Pandora user!

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for posting @CameraGuy2049! Great feedback for Podcasts for Offline Mode. 

Opening Act

wth? lol. Why, on Earth, would netcasts ever have DRM to begin with?


Mind you, I avoid netcasts like the 'vid on music streaming platforms so I don't know if They made some deals with content creators to get "exclusive" programming. That's a problem too.


But... by and large netcasts are openly available via syndication feeds that are posted and reposted all over the place and searchable through many websites and applications.

Many 'casts are also time sensitive to a degree. Maybe this is why someone decided people didn't need to download them?

Or, is it a technical limitation and the DRM mechanics cover everything?


Don't just allow downloading netcasts for paid accounts. Make it possible for everyone. And in opus format as discussed elsewhere.

Local Performer

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Local Performer

why can't we download podcasts? is there a specific reason? as a premium user, i'd like to understand why this isn't an option.