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Enable/Disable Lock Screen Controls

Enable/Disable Lock Screen Controls

Status: Archive

Option to remove music control widget from lock screen. There is no reason to require it as not everyone needs/wants a gaint widget covering their chosen pictures and art. To instead display unnecessary music information. Nor does everyone need/want to use the controls from lock screen. 

I prefer to have to log in to my phone then access the app. This way I don't have to worry about a toddler, annoying sibling/family, etc. getting hold of my phone and turning off my music or skipping songs and etc. As I typically listen via Bluetooth earbuds and therefor my phone is not attached to me at all times. It's on my bed, or on a tablet or counter across the room or something. 

An option to remove the widget would make using the app better, not having to see music info like song title, artist etc. Or have explicit or simply ugly and unappealing cover art showing. Some people just love a minimalist look to their phones, including lock screens. The widget completely disrupts thats! 

If the widget must be there an option to have a tiny widget that only has replay, play/pause and skip is more than enough for alot of people. Again it's minimalistic and only has relevant controls. No useless info and art I can simply login and go to the app to see instead. 


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