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Feature Request: Adjustable visual equalizer

Feature Request: Adjustable visual equalizer

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It would nice to have a small EQ in the app that allows adjustment to the music, so one can pump up the bass or other frequency, compensate for older music that has not been remastered.

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2023 and still no eq? 

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I love pandora! But I hate no eq!!!!!

Local Performer

Years have passed. A great number of customers have posted reasonable requests for Pandora to implement even the most basic EQ capability.

They request this feature because it is needed and will greatly enhance the Pandora user experience.

For each posting requesting this feature there are surely hundreds - perhaps thousands - of users who have not posted but still would appreciate having this.

Since their main competition offers this feature we have to conclude that its a conscious management choice rather than a technical restriction. 

Why? Why can’t we have it? Pandora, please  spare us lame, implausible explanations and get with it!


Normally I play Pandora (Highest Quality setting) via my portable Bose or Sonos speakers; recently I received some outdoor Pyle Speakers (PDWR61BTWT) and the sound is, at best, tinny. It would be nice to try and adjust as much as possible to make these speakers tolerable. 

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Theres plenty of us who listen to motorcycle Bluetooth speakers, sometimes we need sound adjustments. A software equalizer built into the app would be amazing. 

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I have to agree, no EQ is kinda stupid. And Pandora ur app is sorely lacking in  sound quality. I have noticed when I use Pandora where ever... The sound quality goes way way down from regular radio. So in my opinion u r changing the quality of the original music, but it's not good. Why haven't u addressed this concern. Seems neglectful to me. I live Pandora's music but the app does need an easy to access EQ!!!!! PLEASE ADRESS THIS ASAP