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Feature Request: Desktop Compact Player Option

Feature Request: Desktop Compact Player Option

Status: Open Ideas

I would like to see a compact player option. Maybe by clicking a button and all you see is a small screen with the options to go next back thumbs up and play and pause on it. Sometimes I just want to switch screens and having the full application open can be a hassle. I want to see the work that I'm working on as well as paying attention to what music is playing.

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Worth noting that ad revenue isn't a concern with the compact app. It was a premium feature before, but now that they've got mobile ads figured out, both visual and audio, they can make the app available to everyone and support it with ads for non-subscribers.

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I have Pandora installed on my Mac, the problem I have is the app window is very large, what I would like to see is an option for a "mini" window that would have the name of the Album, Group, Song and thumbs up, thumbs down button in a small window.  That way it can be open in the corner of the screen so I can glance at what is playing without having it take up 1/4 to 1/3 of the screen.

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+1 enthusiastically for the compact/mini player. 

I see the thread is over 3 years old and the issue is still unresolved. So why not?

Also would like to close the app window completely and have Pandora minimze to the System Tray, rather than the Taskbar - that's for frequently/currently used apps..

Thank you!